About Us

About Us


The Latino Market’s Preferred Choice for Music Education

Welcome to Mayas Music…¡Tú Puedes Tocar Ya!

Since the release of our first instructional video over 15 years ago, ¡Tú Puedes Tocar La Guitarra Ya!, we’re proud to say that we’ve become the undisputed leader in Spanish language music educational media.

Our first series of Books and Videos (now Books and DVDs) were designed to meet the highest standards in terms of production and content value and reflect a true understanding of a growing Latin market that was in need of quality instructional products.

Since then we have consistently worked to meet or exceed those same goals with the same emphasis on clarity, ease of use and excellence.

Mayas Music began as a home based business with a small customer range (as far as our cars could drive) and has since developed into an internationally recognized enterprise that distributes a multitude of products annually.
Today, as part of our commitment to remain the most trusted name in our field, we’re constantly producing original DVD and Book titles and branching out into new product categories (Strings and Cancioneros).

At Mayas Music we believe that what we do brings value to people’s lives and we will continue to pursue our mission of bringing the joys of making music across the world!

1991: Mayas Music debuts Its first VHS: “Tú Puedes Tocar La Guitarra Ya!”.
2001: By popular demand, Mayas Music launches Its first book series.
2002: Mayas Music’s best selling videos are released in DVD format.
2008: We release our “2i n1” Bilingual series featuring complete lessons In Spanish & English In each OVOI
2004: Mayas Music launches our first Latin ‘Styles’ series on DVD with our Banda method courses.
2011: We debut our Condones Populares para Teclado series that features 24 hit Latin songs.